About Us

Mega Auto Leasing is an independent leasing company not affiliated with any vehicle manufacturer, dealer, and no particular equipment maker. As an automobile leasing company we are not a licenced new motor vehicle dealer. No warranty repair services will be provided by our leasing company. This means our focus is always on you, providing you with unbiased and professional advice on your desired lease auto regardless of the make and model. You the customer are our most valuable asset, not thousands of dollars worth of cars sitting in a parking lot. You tell us what you want; we find it and finance the lease. It’s that simple.

The almost ridiculous ease of dealing with Mega auto leasing is just one reason you’ll want to do business with us.

Mega Auto History...

Mega Auto leasing is much more responsive and flexible than a traditional car dealer in terms of the types of lease programs we can custom fit to your specific needs. For instance if you know that you will be buying your car at the end of the lease, are looking for a specific payment range or want an open-ended lease for your business, we can match a your needs to the right vehicle with the right lease terms. As an independent leasing company, Mega Auto is very much acting on your behalf – we are YOUR agent.

Don’t subject yourself to time-wasting sales tactics in a dealer showroom, call or email us to get no-nonsense, professional business service in a manner that suits your busy life. We can handle everything you need to get your auto lease going by phone or by email, simply contact us for a lease quote today